Italian Men's Club
Italian Men’s Club
33Years of Service  

The Italian Men’s Club came into being as a result of a tragic event. In 1980 a massive
earthquake struck. Italy and devastated a large area. In San Jose 20 or so gentlemen
(mostly Italian) would meet each Thursday at the San Jose Elks Lodge for dinner,  as
they were preparing to leave, they received word of a tragic earthquake in Italy. Upon
learning the severity of the quake and the devastation it caused, they decided to help.

The next morning, the gentlemen  got on the phones and gathered around 20 Italian
men to find out what they could do. Soon the wives became involved and practically
overnight, hundreds of pounds of clothing, blankets and shoes, etc., were collected,
boxed up and sent to Italy. The men decided they wanted to do more; so they began a
food drive. The money was raised through dances, raffles, auctions, and made a
sizeable contribution.  
Through personal connections they enlisted the aide of Monsignor John Patrick
Carroll-Abbing, the founder of Italian Boys Town.  He recommended the money be
used for rebuilding a school in Italy which was destroyed in the earthquake.  

In October of 1981 a group of 45 men and their wives traveled to the village of Saint
Angelo de Lombardi and took part in the opening of the brand new elementary

The men decided they wanted to continue charitable work when they returned to the
United States. This first attempt at raising funds to help others in crisis lead to raising
funds for student scholarships, contributions to charitable organizations and a senior
lunch program.

The Italian Men’s Club has had an impact on this community as well as outside the

Charitable Organizations
We  continue to make significant donations to local charitable organizations when
possible with the  profits raised from our Monday evening Italian Men's Club Bingo
operation. Our current support mission is to raise money through our Monday
evening Bingo program to support mainly our local food banks. Loaves and Fishes,
Martha's Kitchen, 2nd Harvest Food Bank and Sacred Heart. We also have supported
the San Jose Police Canine Unit, Hospice of the Valley, Blue Star Moms and
Disabled Veterans through our local American Legion Posts.
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(408) 286-2007